Craft Your Own Windsurf Board.

Meet Willi and find perfection in crafting your unique windsurf experience. By choosing a Do It Yourself Kit or a Workshop, you start your experience from a totally different beginning.


Meet Willi.

No wind, no problem! Willi is a high-end hollow freestyle windsurf board waiting for you to be crafted by yourself, at your home – no matter if there is wind.

A unique windsurf experience.

Every craft is an unique experience, but our’s is different. The DIY Kit ”Willi” promises to be Self. Crafted. Good.



Get tips and use our experts hacks on how to shape and customize your own windsurf board.



Learn about our unique construction technic and enjoy your true crafting experience.



Order your own do it yourself windsurf board kit or be part in one of our crafting workshops.

Everything in one kit.

With our DIY Kit ”Willi” you get all you need to craft your unique windsurf experience. Shop the kit and get one package including all parts, tools and instructions.

All-in-one kit, home delivered

Top instructions & secret crafting hacks

Epoxy resin & fabrics

Tools & consumable material

Professional support from our experts

Meet the team.

We are a small group of inventors, crafters and designers from the heart of Bavaria: Lake Ammersee in Herrsching, Germany.

Alexander Graw from Al, Al & Jojo
Alex Graw


Design, Conception & Craft

Alexander W. Jonke from Al, Al & Jojo
Alex Jonke


Marketing, Sales & Partnerships

Johannes Graw from Al, Al & Jojo
Jojo Graw


CAD, Conception & Production


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions,

feel free to contact us.

How long does it take to craft my own DIY windsurf board?


First of all – no wind, no problem! Independent on weather and spot, the DIY Kit “Willi” allows you to drive your passion whenever you are ready for it. Our 9 step plug & play approach can be mastered in about four days. Please find a detailed description of our approach here. Of course there are detailed explanation contained in the DIY Kit. A video tutorial will soon be available here.

What do I need to craft my own DIY windsurf board at home?


The good news – we designed “Willi” to be a simple DIY Kit for which you don’t need any special tools. All tools required are probably already existing in your garage or can be bought here. An overview of the tools you need to craft your own windsurf board can be found here (soon). Also, there is no shaping experience needed. The parts of the DIY Kit “Willi” are designed for a high performance shape.

Why should I book a workshop, where does it take place?


If you want to spend a long weekend with like-minded surf geeks, you always should. We created this offering for folks that do not have the space for crafting their own windsurf board at home, or want an exciting experience with their friends and good people. Workshops take place at ALALJOJO headquarter in Bavaria, Ammersee. In addition, special workshops are planned across the best seasonal surf spots – get infos here.




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