Our Board Range.

Freestyle – beside this is our passion, freestyle boards are the most stressed by hard landings and impacts and that is also one reason why we started developing here. Kits for the other disciplines are coming soon. Stay tuned and may be tell us directly about the board you wished to craft!

Freestyle board ”Willi”.

Willi is a high-end hollow freestyle windsurf board waiting for you to be crafted by yourself, at your home. Find your right volume and set-up.

Board Range | DIY Windsurf Board by Al, Al & Jojo

Optional kits.

Here we’re explaining more about the different kinds of optional kits you can choose.

Foil ready kit.


You wanna fly away? Then choose this kit, install it to your board and go foiling. Here we offer you our foil ready kit with two additional fin boxes (US-boxes) and everything you need to install it into your board. You can use any top plate compatible foil on your board (foil is not included).

Thruster ready kit.


You might use your smaller sized board in freestyle-wave conditions. For the perfect set-up therefore we offer you our thruster ready kit with two additional fin boxes (slot boxes) and everything you need to install it into your board (fins are not included). 

Reinforcement kit.


For dedicated and / or heavy freestylers we offer this package of extra reinforcement which means extra layers of carbon fabric and epoxy resin. This makes your board even more durable especially in areas of your board stressed the most by your tricks. (Illustration is not true to original, layers can be set individually.)

Board shape details.

Shaping windsurf boards is a philosophy. Of course there are many more truths but here’s a bit of our truth with which we are sure to deliver you a board with pleasant characteristics and at the same time radical potentials.

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