5 reasons why you should craft your own DIY windsurf board.

Since decades the real passionate windsurfer thought of different methods, materials and tools to shape their own windsurf board. Many of them failed due to the right plan, the right material or the performance the board has on the water.

We took our time, now "Willi" is ready for you.

As you might recognized, "Willi" is our first product in sale, but by far not the first prototype we tested in stormy waters. Before "Willi" we had "Blacky" which also brang some nice performance to the ground, but was built with a different, not so user friendly build up methodology. Now, we are fully confident to provide you with the best experiences - during set-up and during the actual ride of the DIY windsurf board. And here is why:

Find more information on our 9 step plug & play approach here.

1. It's simple – no shaping experience needed.

The 9 step plug & play approach allows you to shape your board after a solid plan. To follow this plan, there is no shaping experience needed. The parts of the DIY-Kit "Willi" are designed for a high performance shape. If you stick to the attached instructions and tutorials, you really can't do anything wrong.

2. All-in-one: No special tools or material required.

Our All-in-one kit will be delivered to your house including epoxy resin & fabrics and all consumable materials needed. The additional tools required are probably already existing in your garage.

3. 200% uniquely yours – you build it, you ride it.

More important, this board is gonna be 200% yours (yai). We provide you only with the tutorials for the built and the guardrails for the shape, to cover the actual board performance. Check also the different variants we provide for foils, thruster and reinforcements. When it comes to designs - you are the boss and can decide completely how your board should look like (if you need help in designing click here).

Do you still think you can't do it? We don't believe you! If so, leave us a comment or get in touch with directly.

4. You are free to do what you love most.

Especially as parents you might look back to the days when you spontaneously packed your stuff and arrived at the spot for perfect weather conditions. With "Willi" you are the boss over your time, the place and you are independent from weather. If you do not have a place to built your board, we also have a solution for you: here.

5. It's sustainable – we do not use polystyrene.

As many colleagues of us we try to create our board as sustainable as possible. As our board is hollow, we could get rid of using any EPS-core. Further our boards are constructed to be very durable so you can ride it for a long, long time. In addition we are planning to increase the transparency on waters we ride, from an ecological perspective (stay tuned for this one).

Probably there are many more reasons to "craft your own" board. We are interested in your story – let us know!

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