You are already looking forward to build your own windsurfboard with our DIY-Kit but you are actually not yet a windsurfer or are not feeling confident on a board?

No Problem, because you can easily learn it at the beautiful lakes of Bavaria. Thanks to three guys, who have just founded Aquaholix, you can find all possibilities of watersports in Upper Bavaria at a glance! Aquaholix is a platform not only for windsurfing but all kinds of watersports and other activities at the lakes of Bavaria. If you are a student you are even qualified to special discounts offered by Aquaholix.

The Aquaholix Card - Water sports for young people at a reduced price

The vision is to inspire young people for watersports. Munich and Upper Bavaria offer unique opportunities, which are unknown, too expensive or not accessible for many students. Others are simply missing a good friend to not go alone for Stand Up Paddling, Windsurfing or renting a boat for a day. The team behind Aquaholix would like to solve this problem by providing a community for watersports as well as a discount card for students. The Aquaholix Card offers students inexpensive access to a wide range of water sports activities at almost all lakes in Upper Bavaria. The card works like a digital discount card. Students can purchase the digital card for 9,99 €. Upon presentation of the card on their smartphone at Aquaholix partners, students will receive up to 33% discount on offers including boat and equipment rentals, courses and shops. Therefore, it is worth buying the card from the first use.

All friends of ALALJOJO are invited to use a special offer to get the Aquaholix Card at a 50% discount (Code: alaljojo50). That way you can work on your windsurfing skills while building your own board.

Vacation at home - #urlaubdahoam

Especially due to Covid-19, many have to give up their beloved holidays on long sandy beaches abroad. But the last few years have already shown that many like to spend their holidays at home in Bavaria. And there are good reasons for this: a vacation at home does not only protect the climate, but you will also find beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise blue water just like in the Caribbean. Not to mention the cost advantages. Aquaholix enables students to plan an inexpensive vacation despite Corona. Additionally, Aquaholix supports regional businesses and offers them a larger platform for acquiring a new group of young and energetic customers free of charge.

The Aquaholix Crew

The Aquaholix crew consists of the brothers Carlo and Max and their mutual friend Andy. Each of them is an avid water sports enthusiast himself. Be it wakeboarding, sailing, boating or stand up paddling. After years of speaking about the desire to start something in the area of watersports, in April 2020 finally Aquaholix was born.

The vision is to provide young people an easy and inexpensive access to water sports equipment and courses. In that way they aim to inspire young people for watersports in the long term. Their first step to put this vision into practice is the Aquaholix Card for students.

from left to right: Carlo, Andy, Max

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