How our 9 steps plug & play approach for DIY-Kit works.

Find an explanation on how the "9 step plug & play" system for our DIY windsurf board "Willi" works and why we decided to craft a DIY-Kit for you.

We wanted to know: is it possible to build a windsurf board as easy as you build an IKEA shelf?At your home, with limited ressources such as time, tools and knowledge how to shape a windsurf board. Simultaneously we wanted "Willi" to be competing from a performance perspective?

Is it possible to build a windsurf board the same way you build an IKEA shelf at home?

We as ALALJOJO believe it is. "Willi" is our latest prototype and the best solution we can deliver to cope this promise. Please find in the following the 9 steps plug & play approach we developed in many iterations.

Tips and Tricks and how to use the 9 Steps Plug & Play

You also find a brief description on this website, nevertheless we also want to share our experience and tips a bit more in detail.

STEP 1: Rocker table.

Job to be done:

Put the rocker on your even and straight working table. The rocker table will make sure your board will have the designated bottom shape in the end.

STEP 2: Bottom shell & fin block.

Job to be done:

Now arrange the bottom shell exactly on the rocker table. Glue the fin block onto the bottom shell.

STEP 3: Nose belt & tail belt.

Job to be done:

Glue the nose belt and the tail belt onto the bottom shell. Use the template therefor.

STEP 4: 4. Rail belts.

Job to be done:

Glue the rail belts onto the bottom shell right between the nose and tail belt. Use the template also therefor.

STEP 5: Deck shell, foot strap inserts & mast block.

Job to be done:

Drill the holes for your individual stance and foot position on your board. You can use the template with our recommendation therefor. Glue the foot strap inserts into the holes and cover them with epoxy laminate. Glue the mast block onto the deck shell. Now glue the deck shell onto the nose, tail and rail belts. The body of your windsurf board is now closed.

STEP 6: Rail shape.

Job to be done:

Follow our instructions to do the rail shape.

STEP 7: Mast box & fin box.

Job to be done:

Install the mast box and the fin box.

STEP 8: Laminating.

Job to be done:

Now it’s time to laminate the rails and some more individual reinforcements.

STEP 9: Finishing.

Job to be done:

That means to sand, filler and to paint your windsurf board. Put also some nice graphics onto your board. Install the foot pads and paint the grip onto the deck.

If you have any questions on this – please let us know in the comments below.

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