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Updated: May 8, 2020

If you have close look on the page, you can find a log-in button on the top right of it.

What is it good for? How does it work? This article shows you the different options and opportunities behind it the log-in functionality.

When we started ALALJOJO we wanted to create an exchange for windsurfer, shaper and DIY artists. For this reason, it was always meant to start a communication platform next to our DIY Windsurf Board Kit.

It's super easy, really.

You can log-in with your social profile or any email address you like. Logging in with your social profile is indeed a nice option, as it directly shows your avatar of your social profile. For exchange in the community space this might be a benefit for your conversations. Beside this, it is really fast - 3 clicks and your are logged-on.

What can I do when I log-in?

With the log-in you get access to member space of the website, which is for free of course. Within the member space you can do the following 5 activities on the website:

  • Use the comments section on the blog

  • pose direct questions to experts and other members

  • get access to the forum, in which more detailed information are discussed

  • manage your account information for the community or the shop (to be launched soon)

  • Collect badges and signal your expert status :)

Try it and let us know...

If you want, you can directly try it and leave us directly a comment below this post. We are, as always curious about your opinion.

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