How can I test a DIY windsurf board like "Willi"?

We can tell you, we ride our own DIY windsurf boards as often as we can. We truly understand that before ordering or even crafting a DIY windsurf board, you might want to test one of our boards and ride it on your own. In the following there are 2 options how you can test "Willi":

Option 1: Visit us during a workshop

During workshop sessions we offer a free testing of our DIY windsurf boards. Mostly Workshops take place at one of the best windsurfing spots of the Bavarian windsurfing lakes. Soon a Workshop calendar functionality will be provided to find your spot and time. Until then - please register here to receive the latest information.

Option 2: Get in contact with us and visit us in our HQ

"Herrsching am Ammersee" is not only a typical Bavarian town, it's also a busy windsurfing spot. In the best days your view touches the Bavarian alps during your windsurf session. It could be worse than having your headquarter in such a nice spot. So if you want to visit us, send us a short message: and let us know. You can rent and test one of our DIY windsurf boards locally.

Looking forward to meeting you around!

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