How to run a windsurf startup during COVID-19?

In the recent days we had a couple of nice interviews with a couple of cool blogs, newspaper and magazins about our shop opening and how it is to run as startup business during Covid-19.

In the following you can find selected articles and its key messages as well as a link to the publications.

Starnberger Merkur (local newspaper) - "From Billy to Willi"

Inspired by the IKEA Billy shelf, three friends from Herrsching have now developed something extraordinary: a windsurf board that you have to put together yourself.

"The hurdles for building your own windsurf board are usually know-how and experience, says Jojo Graw. These three things are included in our concept. The fun begins when the nine parts of "Willi" arrive at your home."..."The board is extremely stable and very light." Jojo continues. Read more here.

Startup Valley (startup blog) - "Focus and Discipline"

Instead of vacation abroad: DIY windsurfboard kits and workshops for crafting your own windsurfboard.

"We believe that the crisis also stimulates thought and slows down. These days we want people to work more with our hands and see what we can do and craft.

At the same time, summer vacation is at risk for many - we offer a product for the home that now closes this gap and, moreover, brings lasting pleasure." Read more here

Founder of the week: ALALJOJO the DIY Windsurf Board

Passion led us here: read on how and why we created the DIY windsurf board concept and what we were challenged by during COVID-19 to create awareness at the "point of surf" :)

Read the full article here:

What do you think of these interviews?

Are there any open questions? What would you ask us?

Please leave us a comment or message in the community space.

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