DIY Windsurf Board "Willi" in action #1: Ammersee 09/19

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Meet our DIY windsurf board Willi in action at our home spot Ammersee in Herrsching.

In the following you find some nice action shots and impressions from a late September session in 2019.

"Willi" in action with Al1

Quote from a tester (Axel L.) in this session:

"That was a fantastic session - I really like Ammersee! "Willi", is really fast but also easy to control and easy to pop ... I liked how it flips through air moves!"

Al1 and Jojo riding "Willi" and "Blacky" (our first prototype).

We are already waiting for the next session at Ammersee. If you spot us and want to test "Willi" say "hi" to us and let us know.

More infos about Willi: here

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