"Willi" is a hollow DIY Freestyle Windsurfboard.

The DIY windsurfboard kit provides you with everything you need to craft a windsurfboard on your own, at your home, whenever you want.


Customize your "Willi"
At first, choose the right size given the volume of our board range.

Second choose your additional kit (foil, thruster or reinforcment kit) using the options on the right side.

Want a custom design? Leave us a note at hallo@alaljojo.de (or on the right side >>)


Shop the kit and receive all parts, tools and instructions – home delivered

> Deck- and bottom shell, tail-, nose- and rail belts, fin- and mast box 

> Top instructions & secret crafting hacks

> Epoxy resin & fabrics

> Tools & consumable material

> Professional support from our experts


With the access to our community space, you will find detailed tutorials, access to other shaper and useful tips and best practices to inspire you during your journey.

Freestyle Board "Willi"

€2,310.00 Regular Price
€1,848.00Sale Price

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