5 Workshop Promises.


A unique windsurf board shaped by yourself. An understanding of high performance shapes. Deep knowledge about your board materials. Tools and life hacks to maintain your equipment. Massive joy with like minded surfer.


Workshop calendar.

2020 workshop series starting soon at some selected spots! Visit our shop and view our workshop dates.

Workshop Scope.


Long weekend, including: Material, Tools and Construction Briefing. Workbench Set-Up. Construction Parts. Windsurf Board Life Hacks. Lunch, Coffee / Beer & BBQ.

Facts & Figures.


We will provide beverage and food during the workshop sessions to increase your focus on your new board. If you need a recommendation about where to stay the night, let us know we contact you individually. Costs for workshops vary upon location and season. Subscribe to newsletter and stay informed about latest offers!

What are you waiting for?

The next workshop course will be soon. View workshop dates here: